Spark of Genius

The Dwight Schools believe that each child has a unique spark of genius. We nurture and cultivate this spark through our commitment to three pillars: personalized learning, global vision and community. The three pillars provide students with the tools they need to ignite this spark, turning passion in to purpose.

Three Pillars of Dwight School Seoul


Global Vision

Educating students to be leaders in an increasingly global world lies at the heart of Dwight’s educational philosophy. Our community at Dwight School Seoul is comprised of students, staff and faculty from all over the world, and we offer an extensive foreign language program. Dwight Schools around the world follow the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program for students in preschool through grade twelve. IB students are measured against the same universal benchmarks.

Dwight Seoul is the most recent member of the growing Dwight Schools, which also includes campuses and programs in New York, London, Vancouver Island and Beijing. Students in Seoul and across our international campuses connect, interact, and share their different perspectives and cultural experiences through a variety of trips, exchanges, and digital communications, enriching the educational process for all.

Personalized Learning

Dwight always puts the student -and their strengths and interests- first. No two students are alike. To help them on their path, Dwight may craft a unique study abroad program just for one student, or might fashion a one-of-a-kind physical workout regime addressing a child’s particular dreams; it might partner a student with a leader in a particular field for a rare mentorship, or it might provide a one-on-one tutorial to help a student overcome a particular academic challenge.


Dwight’s commitment to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program ensures academic excellence always goes hand in hand with service learning and leadership training. Through academic, civic, team, and individual exploration, students develop valuable leadership skills. They perform local and global community service that will help them succeed in the next phase of their lives as students, community members, and world leaders.