Parents' Association

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The Parent's Association plays a vital role in Dwight School
Seoul's community-building efforts and educational objectives.
Parent volunteers are essential to furthering the School and the PA’s
joint mission to build a responsible, global-minded community and
ignite the “spark of genius” in every child. We look forward to all
parents in every grade volunteering their time and participating in
PA and school-sponsored events.



By getting involved with the PA, parents have the opportunity
to meet other parents, impact Dwight School Seoul life, and
become vital members of the Dwight community. These
volunteer opportunities enrich our children’s learning
experience and facilitate communication among students,
teachers, and parents. We are convinced that students are
more enthusiastic about learning when they know that
their parents are involved in school life.



Parents' Association Executive Committee:


The Dwight School Seoul Parents’ Association is a separate
not-for-profit association that supports and enriches our school
community through social and fund-raising activities. The
Parents’ Association is led by an Executive Board made up
of elected parent members who collaborate extensively with
the Head of School and our Senior Leadership Team.


2021-2022 PA Executive Committee Members:  
Sora Park - Events Manager; Helen Chou - LS VP; Michelle Yim - President;
JungIn Bang - Spirit Store Manager; Sanghee (Stella) Lim - US VP; Nicole Gorman - Secretary (not pictured)



If you have any questions,
please contact the Parents' Association at: