The School Board

Current Board Members: Mr. J. Salvador, MA (Founding Chairman);
Dr. G. Brown, PhD. (Founder) and Mr. K. Lee (Founder).

The School Consultative Group
Our School Consultative Group provides advice, council and support to the Head of School. In appointing members, the school aims to gather a range of skills and experience, including parents and faculty from the Upper and Lower Schools. The SCG meets once each half term, a total of four meetings per year.

Current SCG Members: Mr. K. Skeoch; Mr. TS. Cho; Mr. H. Shin, JDI;
Mr. S. Shin, M.D.; Mr. A. Cho; Mr. D. Kwon; Mr. SH. Yuh; Ms. C. Farrell; Ms. D. Kang; Mr. W. Park;
Mr. A. Choe; Mr. M. Ahn and Ms. S.Norrie

Please click here to read more about our SCG policies and procedures.

The Parents' Association Executive Board

The Dwight School Seoul Parents’ Association is a separate not-for-profit association that supports and enriches our school community through social and fund-raising activities. The Parents’ Association is led by an Executive Board made up of elected parent members who collaborate extensively with the Head of School and our Senior Leadership Team.

Current PA Executive Board Members: Ms. Grace Zimmerman (President);
Ms. Soujanya Nanjappa (Upper School VP); Ms. Udeni Anthony (Lower School VP);
Ms. Minji Kim (Treasurer); Ms. Wendy Palomo (Secretary); Ms. Elyse Chun (Event Manager).

Please contact the Parents' Association at with any questions.

Click here to view the Parents' Association Constitution.