Meet Alex Cho - SCG Member & Proud Parent

Meet Alex Cho, proud father to Daniel (grade 5) and a member of the School Consultative Group (SCG).

Nationality: USA (Korean-American)

Why did you choose Dwight School Seoul?

After considering several schools, my wife and I decided to enrol our son at Dwight because we strongly felt that Dwight’s educational curriculum and objective, “Spark of Genius,” would be the best for our son. We were looking for a school, which could strongly challenge our son’s intellectual curiosity and encourage him to become an independent thinker. We felt Dwight would offer the best “nurturing” environment in which our son could grow as a student.

How important was selecting an IB school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the IB approach/curriculum?

It was important for us to select an IB school as we believe the IB approach/curriculum would be the best educational program to prepare our son for the future. More specifically, we believe the IB approach/curriculum would well prepare our son to become an individual, who listens to others, who can effectively express his opinions and who can make good/positive decisions in life when faced with difficult choices. We believe such results would be possible under the IB approach/curriculum with its unique focus on the “Unit of Inquiry (UoI)”; a component of the UoI is having students think about their academic subjects from real life perspective. The IB places strong emphasis on developing writing skills which motivates students to organize their thoughts in a clear and persuasive manner.

Please describe a memorable moment from your time at Dwight and how that has had an impact on you and your family?

Our son was involved in the Battle of Books competition last year, and the whole process relating to the “Battle of Books” was very memorable and enjoyable for us. We were extremely proud of our son, as he worked hard to prepare for the competition by reading 10 books more than once. Furthermore, after our son and his classmates competed strongly against other schools, giving their best efforts in answering the questions relating to the contents of the books as a team, we saw a difference in our son and he could identify how hard work and reading good books makes a difference.

What does your child enjoy the most about learning at Dwight?

Our son truly enjoys going to Dwight each day, as he finds each new learning process at Dwight to be fun and interesting. Our son loves to create things using the 3-D printer, which is available at school and he is eager to share what he has learned with the other students at Dwight by actively participating in assembly sessions. Our son enjoys the opportunity to apply what he has learned from the “Unit of Inquiry” to real life situations, for example when he sold plants to help the environment and raise funds for environment protection after learning about the idea of starting a company.

Our son also appreciates the educational opportunities that he has obtained through field trip events, like ski trip with his classmates and teachers. This has helped him gain the experience of being away from home and learning things away from school with his peers.

How has the transition been?

As our son greatly enjoys the learning experience at Dwight as well as his relationship with his teachers and classmates, our transition to life at Dwight has been very smooth.

What is the Dwight community like?

The Dwight community is always working hard to achieve the goal of providing the best learning environment for its students by emphasizing the importance of close relationships between the students, parents, teachers and administrators. We believe such efforts of the Dwight community will only get stronger as time goes on.

Such strong and positive developments can be seen by the great contributions made by the Parents’ Association. Their fundraising efforts for school have led to improvements in school facilities, including the addition of a new Fitness Center, Visual and Audio Sound systems in the Auditorium as well as a new scoreboard for the Gym.

The strong dedication of the parents who have volunteered to be members of Parent Link and who act as a liaison between the parents, staff and administration, has improved the overall communication process within the Dwight community.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to Dwight?

If another parent was thinking about coming to Dwight, my wife and I would strongly encourage said parent to do so by emphasizing the strong IB curriculum offered at Dwight. We would also place great importance on the close relationships between the teachers and students. We would also like to mention, students at Dwight are placed into an environment where they can work to develop and achieve academic and extra-curricular excellence by being challenged and having the ability to explore many aspects of studies from a practical perspective.

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