Meet Elizabeth England - A Woman of Many Trades

A proud Oregonian, Elizabeth is celebrating her fifth anniversary in Seoul, having worked at Dwight School Seoul since its
opening in 2012.

Not only is Liz the Head of Language and Literature at Dwight School Seoul, the School-Supported Self-Taught Supervisor, MYP/DP English Language and Literature Teacher, TOK Teacher and Service as Action Coordinator, Liz also is an assistant examiner for the DP paper 1. You may be asking yourself, how could one person do all this?

Liz, a lifelong learner herself, enjoys participating in academic courses and personal inquiry to extend her knowledge and understanding of literature, language and pedagogy.

We were eager to speak with the woman who does it all! See what Liz had to say below.

1. Why did you decide to join the start-up team for Dwight School Seoul?

I was keen to work in an IB school, and I was excited to help create a school. I, of course, had no idea how much work that would be, but it was exciting to be building a department from nothing.

2. In what ways have you seen the School grow and change over the past five years?

We have grown immensely. Again, we went from nothing to a three-programme school with amazing teachers and students. Our personal projects become more dynamic each year, and my department in particular now has students studying language and literature in English, Korean, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, and last year we also had Afrikaans, Italian, and French. It is amazing!

3. What is your favorite aspect of the School?

The sense of community. It sounds cliché but we really are a family here, and we want to do whatever we can to support each other.

4. What has been your most memorable moment since being at Dwight?

The first year of Dwight will always be a special memory for me. There was a sense of excitement because we were building something, and we had unlimited energy. It was exhausting and challenging but we had an amazing team of teachers.

5. Why Dwight?

We are an IB school through and through, and that philosophy drives what we do. We do not give students the answers because we want them to learn how to think for themselves. We challenge them to consider multiple perspectives and the ethical implications of their actions (or inaction) because we want them to be caring, open-minded, and principled. And, we laugh a lot considering how serious and driven we all are.

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