Meet Genna Yu - MYP Student, Grade 10

Genna Yu, grade 10, is your quintessential all-rounder. She is very serious in the classroom while also very active in extra-curricular activities; you will always see her on the stage or on the court.

Last year I was a part of all three sports teams; JV Volleyball, and Varsity Basketball and Soccer. After focusing on developing my skills, I was excited join the Varsity Volleyball team this season!

“I have a deep passion for any type of performance art; I love to perform in front of people, particularly through speech or dance. To incorporate this passion into my life I take Drama as one of my arts subject and participate in the Musical during my Spark and ECP hours. Last year, I took the role of the Wicked Witch in the school production of the Wizard of Oz, and have carried that interest into being Mayzie for the 2016 Seussical.”

“I have achieved a scholarship for my academics, receiving full marks on my report and am beginning to create an arts club to promote all types of Art at Dwight this year. This year I was also lucky enough to be I elected as the Student Council Secretary. The position gives me the opportunity to communicate and interact with my peers.”

Genna Yu has been at Dwight School Seoul for three years, we asked her what she loved about the community.

“Because Dwight is a small school [maximum capacity 540], the numbers allow students to have personal connections with teachers; teachers understand student's abilities and interests, and guide them with their learning. This is different from other schools as there is a sincere-relationship created between a student and teacher.”

“An unforgettable experience at Dwight for me was the process of running my own campaign for school secretary; last year had been my first time running for a Student Council seat. I been the class rep for two years prior to my election. The action of advertising myself and delivering a speech in front of the whole school was a big risk and something that put me out of my comfort zone; I believed in myself and thankfully earned the role.”

We asked Genna what her favourite aspect of Dwight was.

“My favorite aspect of Dwight is the freedom that comes with the school; students are given the opportunity to create projects which interest them and participate in activities they are passionate about. Dwight actively promotes the finding of a student's "Spark of Genius. There are a variety of teachers students can look up to as resources and for guidance, and the close knit community creates a sense of unity for students to feel comfortable.”

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