Meet Jordan Thomas - Head of Arts

As a new and vibrant school, with a very fortunate low student-teacher ratio, Dwight appealed to me as I can really focus on individual students and introduce personal and innovative programs that cater to individual needs. Dwight has a fantastic reputation - students, faculty and resources - within the local and international community and the opportunity to assist students in realising their growth and true potential is significant. Being within the Digital Media City precinct also allows our students better access to cutting-edge art, performance and film and television enterprises. As a traveller, Seoul, Korea and Asia is a very convenient port for global exploration.

Each day within the Arts Department is different. The IB curriculum, across all three programmes, allows for such a diverse and eclectic range of activities. From the wide range of materials used in classes, to the topics covered at each of the grade levels between KG and Grade 12, the stories of what individual students have created is amazing. Each day there is a story from a particular class or an individual that inspires me. Some may regard our classrooms as chaotic and incoherent; they are anything but! The deeply personal and technical skills associated with making creative and performance artwork is at times spellbinding to watch. I wish everybody could experience the daily goings on within the department. From the collaborative group performances and exhibitions to the individual successes through try-and-try again, to the Extra-curricular program and our School Production; each day brings something special. Yes, there are the busy and hectic times, but we know our students are better for it, becoming the skilled and disciplined life-long learners in the process.

The opportunity for attending your workplace with your family day in and day out also gives a personal connection, in which most within our profession can only dream about. I see my kids’ daily, share in their learning experiences daily and I have the opportunity to foster their growth and creativity through personalized ECPs, teacher interaction and the ability to share their stories with their friends and my colleagues, daily. We ride our bikes or walk to school together and I am constantly intrigued with their stories of the day as well as experiences learned.

There is a real connection between the faculty with children. We share weekend and after school events, we look after each other’s kids and the faculty kids “look out” for each other. Weekends are spent like any family, of course doing the daily “chores”, but in Seoul we have the opportunity to go for bike rides along the Han River, explore funky urban neighborhoods or take weekend getaways to the mountains and the East Coast. Seoul truly is an amazing place to live!

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