Meet Kiok Chon - PA President and Parent

Kiok Chon has been a part of the Dwight School Seoul community for three years. Originally from the USA, Kiok has been an integral member of our community. Kiok has been a driving force and key member of the Parents’ Association (PA) and is currently in her second year as president.

Spoke with Kiok and asked her a few questions about her time with us here at Dwight.

Why did you choose Dwight School Seoul?

I was attracted to Dwight because it was a new IB international school in Seoul. As a Korean-American raising three children in New York, I was already familiar with Dwight School New York as it holds a reputation for its strong academic performance and multi-faceted culture.

Additionally, during my daughter's freshman year of college, she had a difficult adjustment period; both her grades and self-esteem suffered. She expressed that her classmates who graduated from IB schools were better prepared for college life than classmates from AP-based high schools. As a result, I sought out IB international high schools in Seoul for my son.

How important was selecting an IB school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the IB approach/curriculum?

I would only consider IB schools. I was attracted to the idea of the "spark of genius" in every child, which is something that the AP system does not focus on.

How are you involved with the School?

I spent my first year as Vice President of the PA, and my second and third year as the President of PA. I've had some parents even question if I was a paid staff member (laughs)! It has been a pleasure serving Dwight as well as seeing its growth both as a PA board member and a parent.

Describe the Dwight community.

Through my PA involvement, I have met many parents and staff members. I was pleased by how kind and polite everyone is to one another. Some may expect that there would be cultural clashes between the more reserved Korean parents and the more outgoing international parents, but that is not the case here. Everyone connects because we all want to help Dwight grow as a community for our children and future generations.

Please describe a memorable moment from your time at Dwight and how that has had an impact on you and your family?

As the president of the Parents' Association (PA) for the second year, I lead the organization of the 2015 Dwight Night Gala, an annual fundraising event, which was themed ‘Masquerade’. When my son volunteered to help, he saw how many different elements there was involved in event planning and how much manpower was invested in making the event a success. I believe it was at this event that he witnessed a tangible outcome of my passion and commitment to Dwight. When I was recognized on stage with both my husband and my son watching, I was so thankful to have the opportunity to serve Dwight. This photo (see above), is a photograph of the three of us in which truly captured this special memory for me.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to Dwight?

First, I would emphasize the importance of IB schools. While challenging, the IB program helps children realize their full academic potential and provides them with knowledge and growth throughout high school. Specifically, Dwight School Seoul is on the current trajectory of becoming the best IB school in Asia, as proven with its exponential improvement and growth in such a short period of time. I send my son to Dwight because of the passion and enthusiasm of the staff members - it’s contagious! Dwight provides a safe and healthy environment for any young child to grow as a student.

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