Meet Mijung Koo - Dwight Parent of 5 years!

Mijung Koo has been with the Dwight School Seoul community since its opening in 2012. Mijung is originally from the Republic2015 Graduation Committee - (on the left) of Korea and has been a leading figure in the parent community at Dwight. Not only has Mijung held the position of Parents’ Association President, Mijung has also been a key member in our 2016 graduation committee. With one son, Jin, already having graduated from Dwight (now attending the University of Virginia), Mijung is still seen at school events and volunteering where she can.

Her youngest son, Kai, is mid-way through grade 10 and not only has earned himself the lead in our school production, the Wizard of Oz, he is also an active member of our Model United Nations team and Upper School Student Council.

We sat down with Mijung to discuss everything from why she chose Dwight School Seoul, the importance of the International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as her time being an active member of the Dwight community.

Why did you choose Dwight School Seoul?

The IB curriculum fascinated me at first but Dwight School Seoul’s mission of "igniting the spark of the genius in every child" and its commitment to “personalized learning” was what confirmed my belief that this was the school for us. Dwight School Seoul amazed me, it is truly unique and special.

How important was selecting an IB school to you and what specifically appeals to you about the IB approach/curriculum?

My husband and I were looking for a school that provided an environment where our children could blossom through their education. The IB curriculum encourages students to be inquirers. The IB provides depth! The IB works for my family; in particular I am fascinated by Theory of Knowledge in the Diploma Program (DP) and Personal Project in MYP. The Personal Project gave my children the freedom to explore their own passions!

My eldest son had been at Dwight for four years and graduated last year. The IB is a rigorous process but it is well worthwhile. It has helped prepare him for university, making the transition easier and more comfortable.

Most memorable moment.

My youngest son is very shy. I had never seen him sing or dance or take any interest in the arts. One day he came home very happy that he had passed his audition for a theatre production. This was the first news I had heard regarding his involvement with the Wizard of Oz. Two months later, there he was, center stage! It was a proud moment for me, seeing him so happy, on stage, doing something that was so out of his comfort zone prior to coming to Dwight.

My son found [one of his] sparks of genius at Dwight and his passion for the arts! Through his involvement in the School productions, I can now see that music is a substantial engine for his creative energy.

Describe the Dwight community.

I have been a part of the Dwight family for five years. We are a small and close group, everybody knows each other very well and there is a close bond in the Dwight Community. I was a proud \ member of the Parents’ Association, acting as President and now I am a member of the Parent Link. As we are an international community, people come and go. But we remain friends, and we will be always be a part of a strong global network.

What would you say to another parent thinking about coming to Dwight?

Dwight School Seoul is the right place for a child who is eager to learn about different cultures, see the world, and discover who they are!

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