Meet Paige Fouty - Upper School English A

Paige Fouty joined the Language and Literature team this year at Dwight School Seoul as one of our Upper School English A teachers. Not only is Paige involved in the classroom, but Paige is also the leader of the Upper School Student Council.

Originally from St. Clair Shores, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Paige graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Secondary Education English and a minor in French. Prior to Dwight, Paige has taught in both Michigan and Saudi Arabia, and we were interested to know why did she choose Dwight?

“I chose Dwight because it offered many opportunities to develop my practice as a professional in the IB. I get to be both an MYP teacher and a DP teacher, seeing how the skills pull through the years and create the final "products" of the programs.”

Paige believes that students develop essential academic and personal skills through a variety of activities centered on student talk. By basing lessons around questions and goals, students work to make collaborative and creative products showcasing higher order thinking skills.

We asked Paige what it was like to work at Dwight School Seoul and what was her favorite part of each day.

“Dwight challenges the teachers and students to be prepared and organized. The department I work in is fantastic, and already I see a difference in my instructional methods. The students are experienced in asking big questions about the world and have the skill sets to tackle tough questions where there isn't a right or wrong answer. The year moves at a fast pace, and staff events like rooftop gatherings and cycling class help you connect with one another.

“Your computer needs to work! We have many systems in place to engage digitally. We expect a lot from our staff and students, and the results are very rewarding.”

“The best part of my day is when something clicks. It can be a lesson plan, a student's understanding, a colleague's idea or a Student Council event. Education is all about trying different strategies to reach an outcome, so when you see something work, you feel really proud.”

Paige is a new member of staff this year and moving to a different country can be both exciting and daunting. Seoul is a vibrant and fast-paced city, continually evolving and exuding innovation. A must-see city in Asia, Seoul is quickly becoming one of the most sought after locations to live.

We asked Paige what was her favorite part about living in Seoul.

“Seoul has every delicacy you could think of! It's awesome to be able to find a dumpling house across from a local Korean BBQ joint, which could be next to a quaint Italian restaurant. You will never go hungry here. Another Korean tradition is the coffeehouse – A coffee is never more than a few storefronts away.”

“But in saying all of this, my favorite part of Korea would have to be the mountains. I love looking out my window to see one set of mountains, and then taking a 40-minute bus ride to see a small village nestled in-between another range of mountains. It helps contrast the busy city and reminds you of the historic land that is still here today.

Only three months in but it is safe to say, Paige loves Seoul! She looks forward to continuing her exploration of Seoul and South Korea as well as continuing her journey at Dwight!

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