Diploma Programme


The Structure:

The Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) is a course
of study for the last two years of High School. Therefore Grade 11 and 12 students are all considered High School Seniors at Dwight School Seoul. It leads to external examinations and
the award of a diploma which is recognized by leading universities around the world.
IB Diploma candidates are required to study six subjects. Three subjects are taught
at Higher Level (HL), the others at Standard Level (SL). While it is possible to
take four subjects at Higher Level, this is only recommended in exceptional cases.
HL courses represent 240 teaching hours; SL courses represent 150 teaching hours.

One subject is chosen from each of the following groups:


Students can substitute their group 2 subject for an additional group 1 subject
and they can also substitute their group 6 subject for an additional group 3 or 4 subject.




The Core:

All Diploma Programme students participate in the three course requirements
that make up the core of the programme. Reflection on all these activities is a
principle that lies at the heart of the thinking behind the Diploma Programme.



The Requirements:


All final written examinations are taken at Dwight School Seoul in May of 12th grade, but they are set and assessed by external examiners.
For most subjects, approximately 25% of the assessment is done internally.
The marking scheme for each subject is as follows:
7 = excellent

6 = very good

5 = good

4 = satisfactory

3 = mediocre

2 = poor

1 = very poor
The Diploma of the International Baccalaureate will be awarded to a candidate provided all the following requirements have been met:
  • Meet all the requirements of CAS.
  • Attain at least 24 points (from their 6 subjects and TOK/EE).
  • Not been awarded a ‘N’ or “E” in either the EE or TOK.
  • Achieved at least a 2 in all subjects.
  • Achieved no more than two 2s in all subjects.
  • Achieved no more than three 2s and 3s in all subjects.
  • Gained at least 12 points from HL subjects.
  • Gained at least 9 points from SL subjects.
  • The final award committee has not judged the candidate to be guilty of malpractice.
Note: These criteria change for students studying four Higher Levels.

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Source: IBO.ORG