Technology & Innovation

Technology at Dwight School Seoul is a means of aiding instruction and also a tool to enhance the entire learning process.

Teachers transform the hardware and software of technology into interactive tools that take teaching and learning to the next level. Once students begin to understand the implications of digital literacy and the potential of technology for research and communication, learning becomes something much more than an hour in a classroom.

We teach life-long skills such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations as well as provide students with opportunities to experience technology in more in-depth applications. These opportunities include graphic design and publishing, creating blogs and websites, media broadcasting in Dwight’s AV broadcasting studio, digital photography, film-making, virtual collaboration with Google apps, real-time video conferencing, 3D computer animation with a Motion Capture Suit, library management using Destiny Quest LMS, composition of digital music, and more.

Upper School students are required to supply their own portable personal computer. Laptops enable students to remain current with education standards, become more efficient in their daily academic pursuits, and be more competitive with students around the world.

Lower School students are given many opportunities throughout the day to use iPads and the Mac computer labs. Each Lower School classroom is equipped with iPads, which are integrated into the curriculum. Lower School students also attend IT classes in the Mac labs up to three times a week.