University & Career Counseling

The University & Career Counseling program assists students and their families in every aspect of their post-secondary goals. Practicing a 'Personalized Learning' approach, one of the pillars of our learning community, we meet with students and families individually to determine a distinct pathway that supports their interests and academic ambitions.
With years of counseling students with diverse backgrounds at international schools in South Korea, the office has the much-needed expertise to support students wishing to explore global educational options that align with their best-fit and academic match worldwide. We celebrate our IB students' well-preparedness for advanced study as we commend them for enrolling in a curriculum recognized as one of the world's most rigorous courses of study.
Aside from one-on-one counseling, students are engaged in group sessions offered quarterly throughout the school year as a part of our SPARK 2.0 program. These sessions aim to educate them on the general process of post-secondary options relevant to their grade years. Students may also join University & College guest sessions hosted at Dwight to learn more about their institutions of interest. In addition, students engage in career explorations throughout the year and attend our annual Career Day at the end of the school year.
The University & Career Counseling program ensures students and families are well informed and prepared for matriculation to university and beyond. 





University & Career Counselors:




Kaleena Carter
University & Career Counseling 




Julianna Kim 
University & Career Counseling 


A Four-year Path to Success

We provide extensive information, guidance, and support starting in Grade 9 ― and continuing through all four years of upper school and beyond.




University representatives may email the director to request on-site and virtual visits. 




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