University & Career Counseling

Our University & Career Counselors assist students and their families in
every aspect of their college search by meeting one-on-one with each student,
organizing university and college visits to the school, holding university
and college information sessions and providing support with other
services needed for admissions to universities around the world.
Dwight University & Career Counselors use their expertise
and experience to  help students understand themselves and their
goals, learn and explore global educational options and find
their best fit for future educational choices.




University & Career Counselors:





Kaleena Carter
Director of University &
Career Counseling 


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IB Results:


Since opening Dwight School in 2012, our students have achieved above international averages and 2018 was no exception. The mean total point score of all students taking the IB exams was 32.14.



In 2017, 73% of Dwight students achieved total points above the world mean and 9% of Dwight candidates achieved 43+ points, a feat achieved by only 2% of students worldwide!


In 2018, 55% of Dwight candidates earned Bilingual Diplomas having
taken the exams in two languages at mother-tongue-level compared to only 23% of candidates worldwide.


16% of Dwight Students achieved an A in TOK, as compared with an average of 7% worldwide.



28% of Dwight Students scored an A in Extended Essay, compared with 12% worldwide.


Overall the mean subject grade result score was 5.02 compared to 4.68 in the world. An impressive effort across the board!




Congratulations to our 2022 Graduates!




Top Universities Recognize the IB Diploma: