College Guidance: Grade 9

Focus is exploring personal attributes and interests. University/College counselling program starts in grade 9. In order to direct students to their preferred area of specialization at specific universities, the Counsellor speaks with students regularly about elements of their student life that are important in the admissions process; this continues through to grade 10. Topics discussed include high academic performance, developing a wide vocabulary through reading, and participating in a variety of activities. This focus enables students to discover their ‘spark of genius’ and demonstrate initiative and leadership. For those students who are aspiring to go to a university in the USA, it is recommended that they start preparing by studying for standardized tests, such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT, which are required by some USA universities.

College Guidance: Grade 10

Focus is course selection for the IB Diploma. During this year, students are advised to maintain the highest performance throughout the year. In collaboration with the IB Diploma Coordinator, and the University/College Counsellor, course selection interviews are organized to help students choose their courses for the academic programs for grades 11 & 12. Students are encouraged to use their summer time wisely to enhance their application for university/college admissions. Group meetings are held periodically to acquaint parents with the relevant tests and general information on the admissions process. Students complete the MYP Personal Project, which helps highlight areas of strength and provides students an opportunity to explore areas of interest in greater depth.

College Guidance: Grade 11

The actual university/college planning and search process begins early in the year of commencing grade 11 with a University/College Night for students and their families. During this year, students are encouraged to actively participate in preparing and searching for the universities of their choice. Students are encouraged to build a list of preferred universities they would like to go to and then work on narrowing down that list as they fine-tune their selection based on their capabilities and achievements. Individual meetings with the IB Diploma Coordinator and University/College Counsellor should take place more frequently to adhere to the timeline and prepare for standardized tests as well as adhering to the plan of the studies chosen for the IB Diploma.

College Guidance: Grade 12

University/College Night for students and their parents is scheduled in September and is followed by individual meetings with the Counsellor to finalize the lists of preferred universities for which to apply and discuss application elements. Grade 12 students regularly meet with University/College representatives who visit Dwight to discuss the academic offerings and special features of their institutions and answer student questions.