Music is truly the international language and plays a vital role in education.

The Dwight School Seoul PYP music programme immerses students in a stimulating and challenging environment, allowing them to communicate in a unique way. Responding and creating allow for rich experiences, including singing, playing, movement, listening, history, culture and performance. Learning about and through music, students develop creativity, critical thinking skills, a sense of self and an appreciation of the aesthetic. The PYP music programme is student-centered, providing learners at different stages of development with the experiences that will further their musical knowledge, concepts and skills.

The MYP music program is designed to develop skills in listening, performance, and composition through the exploration of music from diverse cultures and genres. The curriculum covers a wide variety of topics and projects in music, challenging students to become active and critical listeners. In addition to learning about music in its various forms around the world, students will develop their understanding of theory and harmony through the practice of singing, keyboard, guitar, and various percussion instruments. The creative process is encouraged though composition of new music in a variety of styles, as well as interpretation of existing works. The curriculum incorporates use of music technology such as notation and recording software to record students’ creative process. Orchestras and bands are offered as activities for students who play an orchestral instrument and are interested in developing group performance skills.