Welcome to Athletics



Dwight School Seoul and its Athletic Department believe that school athletics is an integral component of a complete educational experience, and serves as an important element that can ignite our students’ individual “spark of genius.” We want to provide opportunities for our student-athletes to set goals, develop skills, build friendships, work on teams, increase confidence, and promote fitness, and provide guidance to maintain balance.

Through sacrifice and effort, our student-athletes will train, compete, win, lose, and try again as gracious competitors, having fun in a nurturing but competitive environment that is designed to produce young people of great character. It is our hope that the values they learn, as student-athletes, will benefit all involved, and serve the greater communities in the years to come.

The Dwight Schools has a rich tradition of athletic excellence and success. Dwight School Seoul, Athletic Department, coaches, and student-athletes are proud to be part of the Dwight Schools, and will continue that tradition of excellence and success here in Korea.


Grades 3-5 athletics will focus mainly on having fun, building friendships, and encouraging students to want to continue with athletics throughout their school years. This level will be separated into two groups. Teams will be made up of students from grades 3-5. Coaches will teach basic skills, rules and strategies for their sports. When competing against other schools, they will ensure playing time for all team members. Students at this age will also learn about good sportsmanship and the importance of teamwork.

Grades 6-8 athletics will be more involved and competitive than Lower School athletics. Upper School coaches will reinforce our Lower School core values of having fun, sportsmanship and teamwork, while placing more emphasis on skill development, and will teach more advanced rules and game strategies. When competing against other schools, coaches will ensure playing time for all team members. At times, players may be selected, based on their abilities, to make teams for special events. When needed, some grade 6-8, student-athletes with the interest and physical and emotional abilities to participate at a higher level, will be asked to join the grades 9-12 teams.

Grades 9-12 athletics will play competitively, and strive to win while still promoting sportsmanship, teamwork and fun. There will be a heavy emphasis on skill development and strategies, and players will be

selected to be on the team, depending on the number of participants who sign up for particular sports. Playing time may vary for some student-athletes based on game time decisions and situational judgments made by the coaches, but it is still our goal to allow all of our participants to have as much playing time as possible.