Community Values Wall Mural Projecting Powerful Message
Community Values Wall Mural Projecting Powerful Message

In December 2016, Lower School Art Teacher, Mr. Nikolay Bukilic had a vision. This vision was to transform an ordinary wall on our second floor hallway to a colorful, community masterpiece.

From this idea, each Lower School student chose a learner profile or attitude and identified shared values. In the art room, their challenge was to be creative in their visual interpretation of those chosen values. Most students produced about 4-5 drafts then selected a final drawing that best communicated its meaning.

"Some students produced very simple sketches and others added more detail but it really surprised me how even a simple sketch could be such a powerful idea," said Mr. NIkolay Bukilic, LS Art Teacher.

The Lower School students looked at the vast selection of drawings with their next challenge: to work on a plan to create a combined or unified design. One particular drawing stood out as a central piece, for the design, by Grade 3 student, Noelle Hahn . Her drawing showed a boy and a girl holding hands and looking into what could be perceived as nature, as a beautiful world or even as a sunset with four hands coming from each corner. This sparked an idea for the students to create some form of a community network or web where the 4 hands met in the center. This idea almost represented some form of a ribbon holding each of the community values together. This also made it possible for everyone to match their drawing into one rectangular space.

"What I like about the Community Wall Mural Project is that it is truly an example of what an authentic transdisciplinary learning experience is, as it originated from a Grade 3 unit of inquiry which started around December 2016," says Mr. Bukilic.

Once the final design concept was made and wall space approved and allocated, Mr. Nikolay scaled up the design onto the wall. The goal was to make the project a community shared and combined effort and apply their learning experience meaningfully in our community. The overall journey very came to be a very special one. The project took 3-4 months to complete.

The School had a large number of participants from the Dwight and outside community, Dwight had visitors make their mark on the wall, LS and US students, parents, teachers and staff.

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The "Who We Are" unit concepts focused on:

1) Ways to promote personal and community wellbeing

2) Our responsibility to our community

3) How our values influence our community