Parent Link

About Parent Link

The Dwight School Seoul Parent Link is a lively and active part of the classroom and school community. Parent Link is composed of a group of teacher nominated parent representatives (minimum of one English/Bilingual or a maximum of two parents per class able to communicate in English and English/Korean languages) from each class. There are two active parent link groups at Dwight School Seoul – one for the Lower School and one for the Upper School.

Parent Link Mission Statement
Parent Link representatives exist as a liaison group between classroom parents, the teacher and the Principal to help build and maintain a strong and thriving classroom and school community.

Parent Link Events

Date School Event Location Time
1st Tuesday of each month Lower School Parent Link Meeting IB Centre Meeting Room 09:30-10:30
1st Wednesday of each month Upper School Parent Link Meeting IB Centre Meeting Room 09:30-10:30

What are the aims of Parent Link?

Community Building
Role of building the school classroom community by regularly liaising with classroom parents and Principals at Dwight School Seoul. They are also available to listen to and respond to the needs of parents and point them in the right direction to get help from within the school.

Plans and runs activities in conjunction with the class teacher and school, which are often linked to the curriculum or PA events whole school.

Available for Principals to consult parents on decision-making that affects the education and care of the children in the school.

New Parents
Parents new will be introduced to Parent Link members to welcome them to the class and have the opportunity to discuss questions or concerns they may have about classroom and school procedural matters.

What is the structure of the group?

*Upper School Parent Link Meetings
IB Centre Meeting Room 

First Wednesday of every month 09:30hrs.

Dwight School Seoul staff present – Mr. Mark Geraets (Upper School Principal)

*Lower School Parent Link Meetings
IB Centre Meeting Room 

First Tuesday of every month 09:30hrs.

Dwight School Seoul staff present – Mrs. Susan Allenspach-Kuss (Lower School Principal)

Class Representatives
These individuals have the role of encouraging other parents to attend meetings and to promote and support classroom initiatives as well as the PA programme of activities.

How does Parent Link communicate?

With School
The Parent Link classroom representative is in regular contact with the classroom teacher and Principal to ensure a three-way flow of communication.

With Parents
The Parent Link representative is required to create an unique Parent Link email account from which to communicate with classroom parents and the teacher. All classroom parents should be willing to provide contact details to the Parent Link representative for communication purposes.

The Parent Link representative should act in good faith and in a manner appropriate to a position within the School. This position should not be used for personal or political purposes. The position is a conduit between classroom parents, the teacher and the Principal. The position requires balance and professionalism when dealing with sensitive matters taking into account cultural, language, gender and nationality in an international context.

The Parent Link representative is a positive member of their class and a supporter of the school as a whole. The spread of rumour, gossip or negativity is to be filtered, reported to the Principal and challenged with intercultural awareness, the school’s mission with international mindedness at the very heart of decision making.

The Parent Link members are in regular contact with all parents in the classroom and acts as a support to the PA for communication wholeschool. Parent Link has the aim of maintaining good classroom parent/teacher contact in order to encourage maximum participation in classroom and whole school events.

How can I contact a Parent Link representative?

Every Dwight School Seoul class parent is encouraged to contact Parent Link class representatives if they have questions or concerns about within the classroom. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Parent Link representative and introduce yourself. Please see contact information in the section below.

List of Lower School Parent Link Representatives

List of Upper School Parent Link Representatives (coming soon)