COVID-19 Protocols


Protocols at Dwight School Seoul

Dear Dwight School Seoul families,

As you are all aware, we have made changes over the last six months in how we operate as a school in what we now consider as the "new normal" during COVID-19. Moving forward, this will also be how we operate in the new school year to continue to provide the high-level education you have come to expect from us under the new demands of the COVID-19 protocols.

This document provides you with an overview of how we will continue to provide the best education for your children while ensuring we maintain a safe and healthy environment for all our students, families and staff.

We have been working very closely with the Korean Ministry of Education and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to ensure we understand and meet their expectations. As the pandemic is not over, we fully expect further refinements and changes in protocols. Whatever happens, we remain committed to providing the best educational experience we possibly can for our students.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.



Dwight School Seoul is committed to providing:

● A school environment which is purposely designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 and is safe for all students, teachers and staff.

● The continuation of learning and support for educational development of all students in an environment which is physically and emotionally safe while continuing to inspire learning.

● An environment where students are supported in mental health challenges during this pandemic.

● Resources and communication of procedures to ensure all understand and can implement the protocols developed by Dwight School Seoul with guidance from the Korean government

● Regular and effective communication with staff, students and parents with current updates provided by the SMOE and MOE



We will provide a health and pledge survey to all families prior to the start of school to ensure we are all diligent in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff. In addition, we will be providing a health survey to all students and staff every morning for families to complete and submit everyday.

Entry to the school will be monitored by staff at all times. Anyone entering the School campus will have their temperature checked twice (a digital thermometer and a thermal imaging camera).

During the day students will be required to use specific entry and exit doors to prevent student ‘clusters’ and reduce congestion and congregation.

Students using school buses will be seated apart to maintain physical distancing. Buses will be cleaned after each journey with high touch surfaces (door handles, etc.) cleaned throughout the day. Buses will be completely sanitized in the evening.

Students arriving from outside Korea will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival and prior to joining the school population.

Visitors to the school will be required to make an appointment 48 hours in advance. Access will be granted only for essential purposes by our Head of School and Principals. Anyone and everyone who comes to the Dwight School Seoul campus will be required to perform a health self assessment survey prior to entrance.



All staff and students will be informed of and trained in the necessary protocols for the safe and healthy running of Dwight School Seoul.

Regular and effective hand washing is essential in infection prevention and control. Dwight School Seoul will provide:

Guidance and monitoring of student hand washing.

Plentiful supplies of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations throughout the school.

Signage and monitoring to encourage and support regular and effective hand washing.

All parents of students will be asked to conduct a daily health assessment of their child before coming to school. Dwight School Seoul will provide a health survey to parents.

No student or staff member who is showing any symptoms of illness will be allowed into the school. All staff and students will be temperature checked twice before being allowed into the school building. The school nurse will conduct an additional temperature check for any student or staff with a temperature above 37.5°C. If the student’s temperature remains above 37.5°C, the student will be moved to the isolation room until the guardian/parent is able to pick up their child.

Information and support for families on the Ministry guidelines and protocols for identifying and responding to COVID-19 symptoms.

Supporting the mental health and wellness of our students is a priority for Dwight School Seoul. Our staff will monitor the social and emotional wellbeing of students and offer support and referral where appropriate. Counseling services are available for all students.



Social distancing will be planned for, monitored, and enforced throughout the school. We will work with staff and students to limit and maintain appropriate ‘clusters’ of students and staff. Supporting measures include but are not limited to: Desks will be spaced apart in classrooms to minimize contact. One-way movement areas throughout our school will be marked and monitored to reduce congestion. Elevators are restricted to a maximum of two people at a time. Lunch and break times include additional spaces to allow for physical distancing while dining. Maximum bathroom occupancy will be monitored and enforced by staff. Water fountains are to only be used for water bottle refills. Access to lockers will be limited and monitored to prevent student clusters. School Physical Education and Athletics activities will be held outdoors as much as possible. KAIAC, the Athletics Sports League we participate in will proceed but with new guidance for competitors and fans going forward.

Dwight School Seoul classrooms and spaces will be sanitized thoroughly everyday. Every high-touch surface will be identified and cleaned multiple times throughout the day (door handles, sinks, etc.). Bathrooms will be ‘deep cleaned’ twice a day. Every classroom and office will have disinfectant and a sanitizing kit to clean in between classroom changes or equipment sharing of any kind. Any item in the school which cannot be cleaned effectively will be either removed or its use severely limited. Students will be required to provide their own materials wherever possible (pens, paper, etc.) to reduce the need for sharing. The School will provide ECD students with a clean set of supplies to use everyday. Students will be scheduled in the same classroom as much as possible to reduce the need for movement between classes.



We are deeply committed to providing the best education we possibly can within the bounds of the current global pandemic. We will do everything possible to support our students in their educational journey with us.



The protocols and guidelines developed in this document have been created under the advice of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education for operating school during COVID times. Additionally, Dwight School Seoul references a detailed handbook, “COVID-19 Infection Prevention Management Guide for Kindergarten & Elementary, Middle, High and Special Schools” jointly published by the Ministry of Education, Central Disaster Management Headquarters, Central Accident Prevention Headquarters and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Dwight School Seoul has translated this handbook into English to use as a reference guide and is in constant communication with the SMOE and MoE.

Korea Ministry of Health – Public Health Guidance for K-12 School

Korea MoE Safety and Sanitation Guidelines for COVID-19

Korea Center for Disease Control

COVID-19 health survey Korea Ministry of Education

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