Dwight School Seoul and its Athletic Department believe that school athletics is an
integral component of a complete educational experience, and serves as an important
element that can ignite our students’ individual “spark of genius.” We want to provide
opportunities for our student-athletes to set goals, develop skills, build friendships,
work on teams, increase confidence, and promote fitness, and provide guidance
to maintain balance.
Through sacrifice and effort, our student-athletes will train, compete, win, lose,
and try again as gracious competitors, having fun in a nurturing but competitive
environment that is designed to produce young people of great character. It is our
hope that the values they learn, as student-athletes, will benefit all involved, and
serve the greater communities in the years to come.
The Dwight Schools has a rich tradition of athletic excellence and success.
Dwight School Seoul, Athletic Department, coaches, and student-athletes are
proud to be part of the Dwight Schools, and will continue that tradition of
excellence and success here in Korea.