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The Cezars Kitchen team is delighted to be partner with Dwight School Seoul to provide delicious, convenient, hot, nutritionally balanced meals, personalized for the Dwight community to meet and exceed every child’s lunch needs. Our full-service food program includes Morning Café Service from 7:30am so you can start your day right. We offer a fresh, healthy lunch program available as Semester and Annual lunch plans. And we offer Afternoon A la Carte, fresh baked and healthy snacks served daily until 4 pm. To learn more about Cezars Kitchen, please visit or feel free to email us directly at or call our customer service office at +81-52-229-8571.


Our cafeteria offers two lunch programs, an Annual Lunch Plan or a Semester Lunch Plan.  Leave it to us to cater to your child’s lunch all year long.  The DSS Head Chef and his team work tirelessly to make unique and delicious meals!  Daily lunch includes three main entree options, Asian, International and Halal. Additionally, there will always be an assortment of vegetables and rice.  With the wide variety of menu offerings, your child will always have something to enjoy.


Lunch service fees are for the current academic year only and will not carry over from one school year to the next. For enrollment after the start of the school year, pro-rated cost adjustment will be made based on the remaining qualifying days.


Regular Lunch Plan: 1st Semester: ₩545,100; 2nd Semester: ₩696,900; Annual: ₩1,242,000.

Halal Lunch Plan: 1st Semester: ₩821,600; 2nd Semester: ₩1,050,400; Annual: ₩1,872,000.

Please note that Daily Plan is available only for Grade 12.

Regular Daily Lunch Fee is 6,900 won, Halal Daily Lunch Fee is 10,400 won.


Payments can be made by bank transfer to Cezars Kitchen bank account. To ensure your payment is applied correctly, please email the following information to after the transfer.

1.     student ID

2.     student’s full name

3.     amount

4.     grade

5.     account holder’s name

6.     name of school

When making a bank transfer, please include the Student ID number as Sender Name.  Total amount of payment must cover bank transfer fee, if any.  


Bank: Shinhan Bank

Branch: Banponam Banking Center (1269)

Account Number: 140-011-572455

Account Name: Cezars Kitchen Co., Ltd


Refund credits are available for school approved events, e.g., field trips.  If the student is absent for personal reasons, please notify Cezars Kitchen no later than 48 hours ahead of the planned absence date by sending an email to to cancel lunch and receive a refund credit. Refund credits will be tracked and managed by the kitchen team throughout the semester and applied towards future lunch payments.  For students who are leaving DSS, or students who are cancelling lunch application in the middle of the school year, refunds will be returned by bank transfer for any accumulated refund credit, plus any remaining eligible school lunch days.


In addition to the daily lunch, Cezars Kitchen is open for service from 7:30 am until 4 pm, offering a wide variety of morning and afternoon a la carte (snack) choices. For the a la carte (café) options, only cash will be accepted.