The Makerspace is an exciting, busy and innovative resource shared
by the whole school. Part hands-on workshop and part high tech lab, all
students from Pre-school through Grade 12 are invited to explore their
creative design ideas and ultimately produce both digital and material
solutions to real-world problems.



Makerspace equipment and tools can be used to safely explore the
properties of a range of materials, like wood, plastics and metal, and
understand how to shape and join them using a variety of tools and
equipment. Students also gain hands-on experience using new
technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics equipment
and more, which helps them understand the technological
world we live in.



The aim of the Makerspace is to create a practical, inspirational
and challenging environment and culture that supports all areas of the
IB curriculum and encourages the students to become innovative,
problem-solving and creative risk takers!