Nature Education



At Dwight School Seoul child will be learning outdoors on a
regular basis. Our Nature Education is a planned, inquiry-based
experience that takes place in various parks in and around Seoul.
Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership,
teamwork and communication skills as well as build their
self motivation and confidence.
The time spent outdoors addresses our Primary Years Programme
programme of inquiry and approaches to learning skills. It puts the
context and real life application to the child’s learning. Our belief that
Nature Education benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:






• Improved
and focus
• Decreased
levels of stress



• Increased
levels of
& engagement
for learning





• Improved
physical, social
& emotional
• Increased
& confidence







• Increased
problem-solving skills





• A greater sense of responsibility for environmental care
• Consideration and
the ability to learn



If you would like to be a Nature Education volunteer please
contact your homeroom teacher or the PYP Coordinator.