Quest Program



Dwight is focused on educating the whole child. Our Quest Program
is made available because each student’s “spark of genius” is unique and
all of our individual paths are distinctive. Quest takes a different approach
with every student. We acknowledge students strengths and weaknesses,
as well as their learning style and speed to provide a structured program
that will be delivered by trained educators to maximize each student’s
academic potential. No matter what form they take, Quest programs
focus on one thing: personalized learning to meet the
individual needs of individual students.




The Quest Department provides services in:





Skill development for students with learning difficulties who are in need of various skill improvements.




Personalized Learning for students who have interests or are in need of extra support in specific areas of academic discipline.





A challenging Gifted and Talented program for students with exceptional academics or support of students who are pursuing a special talent or ability.



And EAL (English as an Additional Language) to equip our international students with the necessary language ability to help access the curriculum.



No matter what form they take, all Quest programs focus on
one thing: personalized learning that accommodates
the individual needs of each of our students.