Dwight Eco-Council hosts first ever international climate conference
Jimin Kim

Last Thursday, on May 19, the Eco-Council held their very first Climate Conference in the auditorium after school, joined by Dwight New York, Shanghai, Dubai, and London.

In addition, we had a very special guest speaker, Vanessa Rees, who works at an environmental organization called GVI and was also able to join thanks to our Eco-Council. Each school shared their own initiatives and approaches to various environmental issues in their school and communities. It was truly a collaborative and student-driven event.

After the presentations, the Council hosted a Q-and-A session with all of the students and our guest speakers, allowing audience members both in the auditorium and viewing online to inquire about anything regarding the initiatives created by each school. The interactive nature of the event was able to engage both the audience and the students and build the connection between the student leaders and their community. 

Finally, a big congratulations to Jessica Oh, who is in Grade 11 and is the president of the Eco-Council, for organizing and initiating the event, as well as leading the conference as a whole.

Jessica hopes that through the event, “we can expand our perspectives, raise awareness of the environmental issues that we face today, and strive to make a change to our environment together.”

The hard work of the students in our school leading their own initiatives in benefit of the entire community was evident in the results displayed during the conference. Good work, Eco-Council! 



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