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Economics: New Chinese Gaming Policy
Head of Economics Dongjin Kim (G11)

In a significant move to gain more control over the online gaming industry, China recently unveiled a set of draft rules aimed at reducing excessive imposing through stricter regulations. The proposed measures demonstrate the Chinese government's ongoing commitment to tighter gaming sector management, with a particular emphasis on addressing concerns about gaming addiction, user data protection, and industry practices.

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Jianna Lee (G9)

Over five days after a powerful earthquake rocked Japan, an elderly woman in her 90s was successfully rescued from the debris of a two-story house. According to Japan's public broadcaster, NHK, the rescue took place on Saturday evening in Suzu City, Ishikawa prefecture, approximately 124 hours after the earthquake.

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Head of School Gianna Magliaro G8

Homecoming dances in the USA and Canada are regarded as a time for high school or college students to gather for a night of fun, usually surrounding and celebrating the school's sports teams. Here in Korea, Dwight students got to participate in this tradition as well. Two weeks ago, on February 2nd, Dwight's Upper School Student Council put on a homecoming dance for our grade 8–11 students in the theme of the Great Gatsby.

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