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The Dwight Seoul Eco Council is a student-led club dedicated to increasing awareness of pressing global environmental issues within the Dwight community. Dwight is located in Korea’s entertainment and media hub surrounded by office buildings, apartment complexes, and other structures, making us oblivious to the direct impact urban development has on our ecosystem. Primary goal of the Eco Council is to remind our community members of our shared responsibility to help protect and preserve our planet.

The Eco Council took steps to create a pollinator-friendly space on the school rooftop to address specifically the decline in bee population that is attributed to major culprits such as pests and pathogens, exposure to agrochemicals and habitat loss and degradation. Pollinators and bees are important in the production of 70-90% of fruits and vegetables humans consume worldwide. Due to the current weather condition in November, students in the Eco Council set up several planter boxes that will be filled with native plants and flowers in Springtime to attract pollinators and bees. They also built bee hotels to provide much-needed shelter for solitary bees and wasps. Furthermore, Dwight students also sought out advice from bee experts at Urban Bees Seoul to learn about establishing beehives in the pollinator-friendly space.

Our students were featured on Call to Earth Day 2023 with Paula Hancocks on CNN on November 28th. Our Shared Home was the theme for 2023 Call to Earth Day, and it examined urban development and wilderness and celebrated inspirational people such as our students in the Eco Council who are working to find positive solutions to the ever-changing and expanding human footprint on our environment. They were able to go beyond the Dwight community and reached a greater audience with their live shot on CNN.

Members of the Dwight Seoul Eco Council
Seohee (Ella)  – President, G11
Eungyeol (Eric) – Vice President, G11 
Yaesuh (Ashley) – Secretary, G8
Hyunmin (Brian)  –  Head of Communications, G11 
Ethan – Leader of Hydroponics, G11
Daeyeon (Daniel) – Member, G10
Cheryl  - Member, G9

Anne Choe

We are holding a special Coffee Morning on Wednesday, September 13 for those parents interested in learning more about the Diploma Programme at Dwight Seoul. Terence Mitchell, DP Coordinator, will lead the discussion about the Diploma Programme, the six study subjects, and how to best support students in their final years of the IB. Please click the link  to sign up for the Coffee Morning - DP, Steps to Success. Parents who are not yet part of the Dwight Community are also welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you.

Anne Choe

Please join us for our first Coffee Morning of the new school year and meet our leadership team. Tom Ferguson, Head of School, Cameron Forbes, US Principal, and Serena Aguilar, LS Principal are looking forward to meeting our parents/caregivers.  Please register here 

Anne Choe

Why Dwight: Two families share why they selected Dwight Seoul for their child.

Dwight Seoul encourages personal growth and building a strong community through its SPARK advisory programme. The acronym expands to Social-emotional well-being, Physical well-being, Agency, Respect and responsibility, and Knowledge. It aims to equip students with skills that can help them successfully manage everyday life in and out of the classroom. Setting a strong foundation for the future, Dwight Seoul ignites the spark of genius in every child. Backed by over 150 years of experience, the First IB Continuum School in Seoul is providing an international education to the highest recognized academic standards — and so much more. Each has a success story to share, and no two are ever the same. Read their full story here